Boston Attorney Rewarding Politeness on the T @PolitenessPts

More than a few times, I've shared my stories on riding the T in Boston and expressed my feelings of frustration with rudeness that I've encountered. I've also written about attorneys doing awesome and interesting things. Now for a story combining both!

Bill Durkin, a Boston attorney, is trying to improve his daily commute and spread a little happiness along the way. Plus he's tweeting about it!

A recent Boston Magazine article put Durkin in the spotlight. Here's an excerpt below.
"Durkin first started handing out the “Politeness Points” last fall during his daily commute from Davis Square into Boston, where he’s an attorney. “I used to think to myself, when seeing someone give an elderly person a seat, I would think in my head, ‘this person gets politeness point,’ then I decided I needed to get little tickets, or tokens, or cards made up—and I finally did,” he said.

At first people are sometimes thrown off by the concept as Durkin steps forward and hands over the small, rectangular piece of paper. But once they read the words, which say, “One Politeness Point: Thanks for being polite today,” he usually gets a smile."
So if you find yourself doing something nice for someone on the T, don't be surprised if you walk out of the subway smiling after having earned some politeness points!

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Can-Can said…
Good idea to notice the kind and thoughtful.
I've been giving out a children's book each week on the T for a couple of years now. Feels good to do a random act of kindness.
Lisa Johnson said…
cc - I remember you mentioning that. Nice to know there are many nice T riders!
Chris O said…
I love Durkin's idea. A simple ticket and a smile when someone receives one. How hard is that? It's also a wonderful reminder that not only does kindness and consideration count but that we need to practice it daily not just when we feel like it. Great post Lisa!
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - Glad you liked it! : )

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