Tips For Dining Out & Dining In

It's the weekend, so there are probably lots of gatherings going on. When people get together, it's usually a lot of fun. But there are also more chances of offending someone or being offended.

Daily Mail article from a few months ago gave a list of the top subjects that people avoid discussing at dinner parties. I thought the funniest one was the number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers that they have.

This list covers just about all the major interesting topics. Sex, politics, money, race. What remains that would be interesting is food, entertainment, art, history and science. Am I missing anything?

Though any of these could quickly veer off into taboo territory. So Ted Nugent is your favorite guitarist? Hmmmm. You don't believe in global warming? Hmmmm. You're sure it's true because you saw it on Fox News? Pass the bread please.

Personally, I think some of the most interesting discussions at dinner parties are some of these controversial topics. What about you?

Also, if you're going out to eat this weekend, according to this Yahoo! Food article, eat out early and trust the sommelier.

Happy weekend to you!

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Can-Can said…
At a dinner party in December, the topic got on hair - specifically whether "natural hair" that had extensions on it was "natural." It turned heated and men and women weighed in. It was cross-generational, between Black Americans and Nigerian Americans. Things calmed down but you just never know what will cause a flare up. Sex and race are nearly always discussed at the gatherings I go to. Politics, too. We tend not to go to religion as a topic unless it's strictly family. I like passion and verve!
Lisa Johnson said…
cc - I can see where that could get very heated. Especially depending upon if comments were geared toward specific people. Yikes!

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