Thoughts On Grocery Shopping Lately

After reading an article about America's favorite and least favorite supermarkets, it reminded me of a conversation that I recently had with someone. We both live in Quincy and shop at the Newport Avenue Stop & Shop. I also shop at Hannaford, which is a little further away from where I live.

Recently the Stop & Shop went through a big renovation. During the renovation, I felt rather overwhelmed shopping there. Everything was moved around. It was hard to find anything and even though I don't think the actual store is any bigger, it felt and still feels bigger. But not in a good way bigger. Just more to deal with. I found myself going to Hannaford more often just so I could get in and out with more ease.

I like both stores, but even now with all the renovation complete, Stop & Shop still feels rather overwhelming. I thought it was just me, but my feelings about the store changes were echoed by a woman, who I had just met at a recent networking event. Funny to meet someone out of the blue, then find out we're practically neighbors and having the same grocery shopping drama!

Now that I know that it's not just me, I wonder if others in Quincy have felt the same way. Have you shopped at this Stop & Shop? Any thoughts?

My understanding is that grocery stores use psychologists for the design. I generally enjoy grocery shopping, but wonder if they used one here. It's a beautiful store, with a great selection of foods and flowers and all sorts of stuff, but something feels a bit off.

Maybe it's just the newness of it and in six months it will feel normal again. Or maybe I'll just go to Hannaford more often.

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Good and plenty said…
They changed the Stop N Shop in Dorchester, too, and it was quite disorienting to not know the lay-of-the store any more. I like some of the changes but some I don't like. I sometimes shop at the one in Quincy. It's very big. My beef with the store is that the prices have gone up significantly and their are fewer discounts to be had, although I do like the ones I've received in the mail that allow me to get $3 off of produce if I buy a certain amount. It's rare to get discounts for produce.
Lisa Johnson said…
g+p - I've never been to the one in Dorchester. It seems the prices are just going up everywhere. I ended up going to Hannaford again this week and couldn't believe the total! That is a nice coupon for the produce. I'll have to look for it.

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