Get Warm Boston: Have A Cozy Meal By A Fireplace

We've had and continue to have our fair share of cold snowy blustery weather this winter. Spring is going to feel so good this year!

Until then, it's nice to catch some warmth when you can. Sitting by a fireplace is always a nice treat. A article gave a nice listing of restaurants and bars in the Boston area where you can find a fireplace to get cozy.

As I looked through the list, there were a few places that I know of that were missing and some mentioned in the comments, so I though that I'd add them here. Click on the links for location information.

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Beacon Hill Bistro: I just wrote about them for my Hashcapade. While I was there for breakfast and the fireplace was not going, I was told that if you're there for dinner, it will be ready to warm you up!

The Helmand: A few years ago, a friend took me to dinner here and it was amazing. Not only do they have a fireplace, they have a woodburning oven too! So cozy!

Franklin Park Golf Clubhouse: Until I went to a family birthday party here recently, I didn't even know that the Clubhouse existed. I'll have to write more about it another time. You can buy meals and snacks here, plus there is a function room with a large stone fireplace. The space is available for the public to use with room for up to 150 people. There's free parking too!

Panera Bread: The downtown location on High Street near the waterfront happened to be near I was working a while ago. Normally I bring my lunch to work, but every once in a while, it's nice to have something different. While I was waiting for my food, I noticed the fireplace. What a treat! It was a really cold day and it was so warm sitting by the fire. From what I see on Yelp, several other Paneras in the area have fireplaces as well.

James's Gate: I've never been there, but it was mentioned in the comments by a couple of people.

Aegean Restaurant: Another place that was mentioned in the comments. I've never been there either, but I like Greek food and this place looks good.

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