Everybody Loves My Cat Bag! #Maxxinista

I don't have a cat. But I do have a cat bag. I bought it late last summer at T.J. Maxx. Just $24.99 by the way.

It's probably one of my favorite bags ever. It's not what I consider my usual style, but when I saw it, I could not resist the pull. Maybe my style is changing. Also, it just made me happy looking at it and felt magical.

I know. Silly. But the way life is nowadays, if a little bag can make me feel magical, why not grab it?

When I first bought the bag, I was so excited about it that I was describing it over the phone to my mother. I said, "It's bright blue with gold and silver sparkles and has cats all over it!"

I cracked up laughing and said, "That sounds ridiculous doesn't it?" I promised her that it's actually quite pretty. When she saw it, she agreed. I get so many compliments on this bag!

Yesterday, so many people remarked about it that I decided I had to blog about my beautiful magical cat bag! Don't you love those little cat faces?

Since I'm so enamored with this bag, along with many others, I decided to look up the designer Laurel Burch. What an amazing artist! I was so sad to read that she died in 2007. Strangely, just two days after my birthday.

The description of her life spirit and work is exactly how the bag makes me feel. Here's an excerpt from her website.
"She saw herself as a folk artist, telling stories. “In our fast-paced, changing world,” she said, “we need symbols that are a reminder of the ongoing world of the spirit.” On some level, her work was always about bringing different cultures together, and about our connection with the earth and all living things, ideas that have only increased in relevance today. Laurel was always incredibly prolific. Even during her long periods of convalescence, when she was forced to paint from a bed or wheelchair, she seldom put her brushes down. Laurel said, “I refuse to have anything in my life that I can’t turn around into something magical and beautiful. I just refuse.” Her art will forever convey a sense of joy and passion and lightness."
After reading about her, I think that she'd be very happy with how much joy and magic her work continues to bring to the world.

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Margie said…
I love your cat bag :)
Lisa Johnson said…
margie - Thank you! : )

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