Boho Style Furniture

It wasn't until I was on Pinterest that I realized the name for the style of home decor that I'm often drawn to is Boho or Bohemian.

This sofa I pinned as fast as a person can possibly pin! I was curious about where it came from and found the Etsy shop Name Design Studio. Such a delicious collection of furniture!

The people behind the designs are Jo Supara and Ali Tarakci. In 2010 they founded the company, which is located in Istanbul, Turkey. According to the website, Name Design Studio "creates original, contemporary hand-crafted, bespoke, furniture and home accessories."

I love their work! How could you not feel happy sitting on one of their sofas, chairs or cushions? It would take some effort!

It's a bit out of my price range, but I can imagine myself curled up in the Suzani armchair sipping some tea and reading a book. Right now I'm reading The Gifts Of Imperfection by Brené Brown. I highly recommend it!

Happy weekend to you!

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Can-Can said…
This furniture makes me happy. I probably wouldn't have a house filled with it - but one chair makes a statement. There's a small shop in Somerville, Sunshine Lucy's that takes used furniture and paints and upholsters it in this style. I have a large wing chair and ottomon given to me about 25 years ago that I hope to have them reupholster at some point. Check the place out. It's a very short walk from Davis Square.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - I agree! Having a house full of furniture like this would be a bit much, but one or two pieces would be awesome! Thanks for the tip about Sunshine Lucy's!

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