Love Actually

The other day, my mother asked me if I had seen the movie Love Actually. I saw it a few years ago and liked it. She heard that many have been debating whether it was a Christmas movie or not.

I had never really thought about it. It appears that many have rabidly strong feelings about the film. Some love it and watch it every Christmas Eve, which I find shocking. Others hate it with the intensity of a thousand suns.

I never really thought much more about it after watching it the first and only time, so far. But my mother wants to see it over Christmas, so I'm hoping to get it and bring it for us to watch.

What do you think about Love Actually? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Do you consider it a Christmas movie?

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I love it and totally consider it a Christmas movie! It's not like Miracle on 34th Street, but it's no less a Christmas movie in its themes than so many other "Christmas movies," particularly those made for tv movies that are all about crazy relationships, falling in love suddenly, etc. and it's 100 times better than most of those movies. The things that set it apart are the quality of its actors, the writing, and the music. The music actually plays a big role. It's always there in the background setting the tone.

Happy holidays, dear!
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - Learn something new everyday! I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Maybe this will end up in my regular Christmas rotation. Happy Holidays to you too! : )
Paige Blankenship said…
I absolutely love this movie! I watch it during the holidays or on a rainy Sunday. It is the perfect feel good movie with enough British whit to keep the movie from being too much of a chick flick. I'm my opinion, this movie is this era's "When Harry Met Sally".
Lisa Johnson said…
paige - So good to see you here! I love your description of it. Perfect!

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