DIY: Holiday Decorating For Free

The other day, I was at an outdoor Christmas tree shop. That's where I took pictures for my current blog header.

They had some really pretty decorations for the house. Pine cones, bunches of evergreen and holly tied up with string. Some of my favorite things.

The prices weren't cheap and I was thinking about how my parents have all of these things in their yard for free. I may get a few branches of holly.

While looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow, I saw this video. Exactly what I was thinking!

There are some good ideas on finding some plants right in your own yard and putting clippings together to make your own decorations. For free!

Have you tried this?

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Anonymous said…
I used to make ornaments. I really enjoyed the fresh scents they brought inside in the cold of winter. I think there are many reasons people decorate homes with bits if nature in the middle of winter but I think it would be fascinating to know why people first brought trees into their homes. Was it just to make firewood accessible?!

Lisa Johnson said…
campbele - Good question! That first person probably had all the neighbors talking. "Guess who brought a TREE into their house??!!" : )

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