ArtROX! Holiday Pop-Up Shop: Buy Local + Made in America

Are you in? Maybe you are watching ABC News Made in America Christmas.

If you buy just one thing made in America for your holiday shopping, you help create jobs and support our local and national economies.

ABC has a great list of companies that sell items made in America. On this blog, I have a list of made in America companies as well. The focus is on items for the kitchen in particular.

Another way to support American business is by shopping local. ArtROX Holiday Pop-Up Shop just opened yesterday.

The holiday pop-up shop is open Friday through Tuesday, 12pm - 5pm daily, up to and including Christmas Eve. The shop is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The holiday pop-up shop is located at 2201 Washington Street, Dudley Square, Roxbury. Hopefully I'll get a chance to stop by soon.

Any holiday baking planned? I'm starting to feel the spirit!

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