New England Regional Magazines: A Sampling

You all know that I was a huge fan of Whole Living Magazine, but it was not the only type of magazine that I liked.

Recently I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up some regional magazines. It's always nice to see what's going on in the region. So I found some magazines that cover right where I am, then a little south and a bit north.

I've written about South Shore Living Magazine before, when I wrote an article for them. I bought the November issue, but haven't had the chance to read the whole thing yet. I did skim it a bit and was interested to learn that there is an article about Quincy.

I had no idea that there is a recording and production studio right here called Keep The Edge Studios. Pretty cool!

Rhode Island Monthly is a new magazine to me, but it looked interesting. I figured I'd pick up a copy and see what's happening just south of the border.  Also, it's their Italian food issue. How could I resist?

There were several inserts with the magazine; one being a Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation Calendar for 2014. It sounds like a great organization and hopefully the calendar will help them with their mission of raising awareness and supporting breast cancer patients and their families.

Northeast Flavor is a magazine that I've picked up before and enjoyed, but I'm not sure that I ever blogged it. This issue has several apple recipes and an article about cider molasses. Looks like interesting reading and hopefully I'll find some recipes to blog!

Northshore Magazine is one that I've seen, but I don't think I ever bought it. I figured I'd try it out. After all, it's their food issue.

 * * *

Do you ever buy local or regional magazines or do you stick to national publications?

*Updated 121/1/2013* By the way, a stack of local or regional magazines makes a unique and inexpensive holiday gift for someone special!

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El said…
I love the local publications. Cape Cod Life and DownEast are fun too. Have a great holiday!
Lisa Johnson said…
el - I've never read those. Two more to pick-up! Happy Thanksgiving to you! : )

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