How I Realized That I Needed Eyeglasses

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"Why do all the street signs look blurry? Even the billboards. Wow. The upkeep by cities and towns is really going downhill!" 
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These were the the deluded thoughts running through my mind before I went for my  annual eye exam and realized that I needed eyeglasses. It wasn't the signs! It was me!

I had always prided myself on having excellent vision, usually 20/10. Then things started going downhill in law school. All the reading just did me in. The one plus was that glasses are a nice fashion accessory. Imagine all the cute possibilities! I couldn't believe the difference in my vision once I had my glasses. Suddenly the signs were clear again! Who knew?

That was many years ago when I bought my first pair of glasses. I only wear them for distance, mostly when driving or watching movies. Although everyone tells me that within a few years I'll need them for reading too. Not yet!

Back when I got my first pair, there weren't many options on where to buy glasses. Pretty much we had to go to one of a few local stores. Because there was less competition, the prices were usually rather high too.

Now we have so many more choices and prices are lower. The ability to buy eyeglasses online has changed everything. We can even see what the glasses will look like on us by trying them on virtually. The pictures of me above show how I would look with these glasses from GlassesUSA. Not bad at all!

They have a great selection of glasses if you're interested in getting a pair. Maybe your first or maybe you just want some new ones. If so, GlassesUSA is generously offering a special discount to readers of Anali's First Amendment.

Take 15% off + get free shipping on your entire order over $50.00 by using code: FS15. Or take 10% off any order of prescription glasses by using code: Blog10.

Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Additionally, they offer a 110% lowest price guarantee, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and  a refer-a-friend program. You can stay up-to-date on all GlassesUSA happenings through their Facebook page ( and on Twitter (@GlassesUSA).

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