Subway Stories: Natural Hair

A couple of months ago, I was on my way home at South Station waiting for the Braintree train.  As I was standing, I saw a black woman walking by with natural hair. Her hair was gorgeous! A very thick, shoulder length twist out.

I wasn't the only that thought so. A young white woman saw her walk by as well. She stopped in her tracks and stared in awe. Then as she started walking again, she yelled to her friend. "Oh my God! I love her hair!"

In a blog post last year, I wrote about my natural hair discussion with a stranger on the T. I'm not the only one, because a commenter said that when she was living in Boston and started her locs, she found the woman who did her hair on the T. Quite interesting!

Today, I found this two-part short film. It's about a social experiment where several women with natural hair let strangers touch their hair. The film also interviews women who disagree with the project and stand next to them telling people why they cannot touch their hair. It's quite an interesting film.

Both parts are here, so you can watch if you like. I have natural hair, but usually wear it in an updo, so I don't usually have people asking to touch my hair. Since it's been growing out, I've started to wear it out again sometimes. It would be quite odd to have a stranger request to touch it and I would politely decline.

What's your reaction to the film?

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Can-Can said…
Thanks for this post and the film. Natural hair is the hair that grows out of your head before it is adulterated or manipulated and so there are many types and textures of "natural hair" among women of the African diaspora.
In my young short afro days, I had a very handsome man ask to touch my hair (he was a brother) and so began a fun summer fling. So don't say a definite no about having your hair touched. Be well.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Well, you just added a whole other dimension that I hadn't thought of. : )

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