Stuff I Like: A Roundup

If you follow me on Pinterest, you see Stuff That I Like all the time. But I haven't done a roundup on this blog in quite a while.

Recently, I've found lots of different things that I wanted to share with you, so right now seems like a good time. In no particular order, here are some things that I like. Maybe you will too!
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~ I love cheese. So I was really excited to hear that Massachusetts now has its own Cheese Guild! It will be nice to be able to buy a wider variety of cheeses that are  made right here in the Bay State. Below is an edited excerpt from the website with added links.
In 1624, the first dairy cows were brought to the Boston area by the settlers from England, birthing artisanal cheesemaking in America. Great cheeses are still made here, on our lands, between the stone walls and the sky. Our 21 cheesemakers have won more awards  working with milk that is different every day, to make truly artisanal cheese. This is a true reflection of talent working with terroir: the effect of nature on milk, without the milk being chemically corrected or “balanced” by man’s hands.
~ Smoothies are definitely a favorite of mine. I've been adding chia and flax seeds to them for some added nutrition. After reading this Yoga Journal article, I may start adding sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds as well.

~ Veggie burgers anyone? Per Sara, apparently Hillstone's has very good veggie burgers too!

~ Ever wondered about the wine being sipped on Downton Abbey? Well the Downton Abbey Wine Collection was recently launched. So you can try some for yourself.

~ If you're trying to up your wine tasting skills, there is now a Scratch-N-Sniff Guide to help you along.

~ The John Singer Sargent Watercolors exhibit at the MFA looks amazing! Hopefully, I'll get to see it.

~ Tomorrow, October 24th is Food Day, a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Learn more about it and take part in events happening all over the country. Have you heard about the Big Apple Crunch? There are some events in Massachusetts too!

~ For those of you in the Boston area who are vegetarians, vegans or omnivores who  enjoy good food, you might enjoy this article by MC Slim JB. Some places to try are: Root, FoMu, Grasshopper and YoMa. Some great finds!

~ Last but not least, tonight is Game 1 of the World Series! Go Red Sox!!! We're all ready!

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