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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Before It's Too Late: Brigham's Ice Cream

Recently I've been documenting changes happening in Boston and writing about New England ice cream history.

Well, now I'm trying to preserve some Quincy ice cream history. Before it melts. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

One of the last Brigham's Ice Cream shops, which is located on Beale Street, right here in Wollaston, is changing its name and will be known as The Ice Cream Parlor. I decided to go and take a picture of the storefront, before I no longer had the chance.

It's the end of an era. Again. This just keeps happening. Last weekend, I went to a shoe repair place in Quincy and found a different store. I had forgotten that it had closed.

Well, I'm glad that at least The Ice Cream Parlor will remain and they will still sell ice cream, albeit a different brand. Taste tests will need to be conducted....

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  1. I loved Brigham's.
    The end of an era :(

  2. margie - Yes it is. But it is nice that we can still buy Brigham's ice cream at the store. : )

  3. Sigh. Changes. Inevitable but still...

  4. So many fond memories of going to Brighams with my mother. Sigh...

  5. enyasi - The older I get, the more grateful I am for fond memories.


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