Thinking Cup Coffee Bar ~ Boston, MA

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a place for some friends and I to get together. We wanted to meet downtown and grab some coffee and a snack.

A quick search brought me to this article and I remembered walking by Thinking Cup a few weeks before and had been curious about it. It seemed quite bloggable, so I suggested we try it.

I'm so glad that we did!

Thinking Cup is conveniently located and very close to a movie theater. If you're taking the T, it's right across the street from Boylston Station. We went to the Tremont Street location. They also have a North End location on Hanover Street.

Everyone working there was friendly and it was a nice atmosphere with an eclectic mix of people. Thinking Cup was busy the whole time, but there is a decent amount of seating. If you can't find a seat, at least during the nice weather, you can grab your food to go, walk across the street and sit on a bench or walk up a bit further and sit on the Common.

We all loved our food! The taste and presentation were quite a delight. I was surprised by the large selection. So many choices! From coffee and tea to sandwiches, muffins, pastries, and more. The more includes macarons!

Macarons aren't sold in many places. Although I must admit that recently I've started seeing them more than I did just a couple of years ago.

I really enjoyed Thinking Cup and will definitely go again! Have you tried it?

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Esme said…
This looks like the perfect place to go and meet friends. I discovered a bakery last week that has 1 dollar smores on Saturday nights.
Lisa Johnson said…
esme - I love s'mores! What a great idea for a bakery to do that. Quite innovative!

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