Smellwalk Boston: August 7th at 7pm with Kate McLean

*Updated 5/15/2014* Click here for the update and links to the smellwalk radio broadcast!

Last week I got a chance to meet Kate McLean. Let me tell you. She is one fascinating lady! Who is she?

She's a Senior Lecturer of Graphic Design at Canterbury Christ Church University and is well-known for making sensory maps.

Kate's research links sensory perception with urban environments in the form of Sensory Maps. She investigates how smell, in particular, can be used to generate memories of a specific place and creates visual maps of the smells of cities. She also produces bottled scents which are then exhibited as participatory exhibitions.

I first learned about her on Twitter in June and wondered what Boston smelled like. She tweeted back that #Bostonsmells of Beacon St trees & bananas in Haymarket.

Since she was going to be in Boston in July, we decided to meet and go on a smell walk. Kate has planned the route (see the map above) and has opened it up to the public. If you're interested in going on this first of a kind that I know of Boston smellwalk, then send Kate an email at

It should be really fun and I'm looking forward to it!

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