Missing Whole Living Magazine? Here Are Some Alternatives.

*Updated 8/17/2015*
I have created a Facebook community with a similar feel to the magazine. 
Take a look here if, you are interested.


Since Whole Living magazine shut down at the beginning of the year, like many of you, I've been looking for a magazine and other publications to fill the void.

Some of you may still be looking for a refund for your paid subscriptions as well. I did finally receive a refund. Take a look at my blog post from February, with subsequent updates through May, for more details.

It's a shame that those of us who subscribed weren't given more information about the magazine closing and also were not given more choices in terms of magazines offered as substitutions.

Well, what's done is done, so it's time to move on. A few people have left comments on the old post with suggestions for similar magazines. Nothing is quite the same. Whole Living was a truly unique magazine, but below are a few magazines from the comments and some others that I found in a quick search.

I've subscribed to Yoga Journal for years and think it's somewhat similar, so I'm adding it as well. Hopefully we can crowdsource this problem. If you have any suggestions, please add to the comments.

This is totally random, but one of the things that I liked about Whole Living was finding out about new products. After years of trial and error with many products, I'm pretty faithful to Dove.

But for some reason, lately I've missed using a citrus body cleanser. Years ago, when I wanted a citrus smelling treat, I'd get Kiehl's Grapefruit Body Cleanser. Right now the budget is pretty tight, so Kiehl's is not happening.

While grocery shopping, I looked for some cheaper brands and found something pretty good. güd's products, from Burt's Bees, were on sale. I'm already a fan of Burt's Bees, so I was happy to try güd.

I got the Orange Petalooza Natural Body Wash and really liked it. The website says $7.00, but on sale I think I only paid $5.99. Anyway, I recommend it! Back to the list in no particular order.

Hopefully this is helpful!

*Updated 8/23/2014* There is an update to this magazine saga if you're interested. Take a look here.

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Unknown said…
Another magazine that looks like a potential Whole Living / Body + Soul magazine replacement is Mother Earth Living. From the looks of it, it seems like the closest match to Whole Living that I've found.
Lisa Johnson said…
jason - Thank you for stopping by and for the tip! It looks like a great magazine and I've added it to the hopefully growing list. : )
Anonymous said…
I have been a long-term fan of WholeLiving and was so sad to see it go. Like yourself, I was not happy with the Family Circle replacement or how any of that was handled. Thank you for the phone number you provided on your blog. I was finally able to speak with a real person and she assured me that I would be getting my refund within 2-3 weeks. We will see. Thank you again for your help.
Signed: Half Living in Colorado
Lisa Johnson said…
hlic - You're quite welcome. Very glad to help and hopefully you will get your refund soon!
Unknown said…
I am still missing this magazine! All of the replacements out there have bits and pieces but I feel like you would have to subscribe to all of them to get the full picture that Whole Living provided. :(
Lisa Johnson said…
bryony - So many people miss this magazine. It almost doesn't seem logical that it didn't make enough money to stay in business. Oh well....

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