Name Brands vs. Store Brands

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Do you prefer name brands over store brands?

Sometimes I do, but often I find that it really doesn't matter. There are even times when I find that I actually prefer the store brand over the name brand.

A few weeks ago over my parents, I had some name brand chocolate chip cookies. I will not name the brand. Based on the packaging, I thought the cookies were going to be huge with a ton of chocolate chips. They were tiny. Hardly had any chips. Tasted like chemicals and were not worth the calories. I was so disappointed!

People often seem to assume that a brand name product is better quality than a store brand. I disagree so much with this presumption!

I was just eating these CVS Absolutely Divine Chocolate Chip cookies and they are so good! I've had them before and they look exactly like the picture on the package. Lots of chips. The perfect texture for dunking and quite tasty. They are worth the calories!

Today I wasn't even going to write a blog post, but I had to get this out after shopping at Hannaford earlier. I was just getting a few things, but decided to get some coffee, so I didn't run out over the weekend, because I don't plan on going to the store again until next week.

I've done lots of taste comparisons with different types of coffees, name brands, store brands, etc. I'm definitely a Starbucks person when I buy coffee outside, but at home, things are fairly simple. I buy one dark roast coffee and one decaf coffee, then mix the two for my morning brew and always use a flavored creamer and sugar. I use a decent amount of coffee, because I like it very strong.

So anyway, I'm in Hannaford looking at the coffees and a woman came up to me and said that a brand name, which I will not say, was on sale for just a bit more. I thanked her, but said that I didn't buy that brand. I grabbed the store brand coffees and went on with my shopping.

Maybe she loves that brand and is just a very nice person, but I thought it was interesting that she would take the time to tell a stranger that it was on sale when that might not be a brand that I liked. Plus it was more money!

Anyway, maybe I'm over thinking this stuff. But I found it interesting and wondered what other people thought.

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Can-Can said…
I often compare ingredients to decide whether to buy a national brand vs a store brand. There are a few things that I will always by the more well-known brand and there are other things that I will buy the store brand at any of the stores I regular visit. That's true of many items in the drug store as well. Some of my friends are very brand conscious - they tend to be fashionistas and they tend to shop at Whole Foods the most. I ain't mad at 'em. I just can't hang.
I haven't found a store brand oj that I like as much as Florida Naturals. (I look for OJ and Olive Oil that come from one place.) Thanks, cooking monster.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - I'm totally with you on Florida Naturals. It's my OJ mainstay too! : )

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