70 Degrees + Sunny ~ Perfect for a Piperi Picnic

Yesterday was so nice out! It was such wonderful change to feel real warmth from the sun.

Back in November, I was invited to a blog event at Piperi, a new Mediterranean-inspired, fast food restaurant. I couldn't make it, but was given a coupon to try some of their food when I got a chance.

Since it was so nice yesterday, I decided to grab some food and then sit outside for a bit. For those of you who aren't from the area and might be visiting Boston for the first time, Piperi is in a great location. Right on The Freedom Trail.

If you are taking the T, short for the MBTA, exit at Park Street, which is the hub of the  subway system. A quick trick when looking at the maps, all trains going away from Park Street are outbound. Trains going toward Park Street are inbound. It took me a long time to figure that out.

Anyway, when you exit the station, if you look to your left, you will see the Massachusetts State House. You can't miss that gold dome. You'll be on the Boston Common and standing in the midst of so much American history. For someone who was born in the city, it's easy to just pass it. But it really is quite incredible when I really stop and look.

If you then turn back and look in front of you across the street. You will see Park Street Church. By the way, did you see The Abolitionists on PBS? I missed the first episode, but what I saw was done really well. So much of the story takes place right here. On my mother's side of the family, I'm the third generation born in Boston. Second generation born in Boston on my father's side. As an African-American, I can't help but take a second look when I really think about what that means to my family. Going back further, my family tree's roots are down south.

You can cross Park Street and walk over to the church and take a look. Keep walking down Tremont Street street and you'll be going by the Old Granary Burying Ground, where Samuel Adams, Peter Faneuil, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and many more are buried.

Walk down Tremont Street a little more and you will find yourself at Piperi. For just under $7.00, I was able to put together a nice little picnic for myself from their selection of small plates and sides. It was quite filling and I didn't even finish it all. I still have some chips and hummus left. Very tasty! I loved the falafel and Gozi bread.  I didn't care for the tahini sauce though.

Also, I'm a bit disappointed that the nutrition portion of the website is not complete at this point, because many of us are interested in the calories. Hopefully it will be up soon.

Another thing that I noticed at Piperi is that they have bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere. It's convenient for customers to use and it's readily available for the staff as well, which is nice thing for people who are handling your food.

I will definitely be going back again when I'm in the area. And now, especially after my mini-fast, I'm having a taste for falafel....

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Disclosure: I received a free coupon to use towards the purchase price of my meal. Thank you Piperi!

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