Movie: Another Earth

After reading this blog post, I learned about the movie Another Earth. Have you seen it?

It's quite intriguing. Imagine if there was another you on a duplicate planet earth? Another me. Would she blog? Would we be similar or polar opposites? Would we get along. Does that mean that her family would be the exact same as mine. Or would there be just slight differences that would make all the difference. It really makes you think.

This type of sci-fi movie fascinates me. The Twilight Zone is always a favorite show to watch and anything with time travel in it, I'm so there.

I just put this movie on hold at the library, so will hopefully see it soon. There will be another movie roundup post in the not too distant future. But not quite soon. : )

*Updated 5/4/2013* Usually I don't like to write bad reviews on this blog. If I don't like something, usually I just don't write about it. That view has evolved over time, because I have written about a few things that I didn't like, but often it just isn't worth the trouble and it interferes with my happy place. Anyway, since I already sort of wrote about this movie and I saw it, then confused it with another movie in two tweets today, I decided to briefly follow-up.

Spoiler Alert: I was disappointed. I wanted to know more about the other earth. What would the people be like? But we don't get that. The focus is on the life and troubles of the main character, which actually isn't that bad if that was what was the trailer promoted as the meat of the film. However, what most interested me was the sci-fi part and I thought that might be a good portion. It is not. Like a puff of smoke or soap bubbles floating in the air, that is the amount of sci-fi you will find in this movie. 

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Anonymous said…
If you like that then you should the show Fringe. I think you will like it.
Lisa Johnson said…
anonymous - You are awesome! I don't have cable, so have not seen it or really heard too much about it. Just looked it up and cannot wait to see it. I put the Season 1 DVDs on hold at the library. Cannot wait to see it! Thanks for recommending! : )
Michelle said…
I thought the scene with the saw was awsome. If you want to see just that scene:
Playing a saw is real (not invented for this movie). this is the lady who actually played a saw for the soundtrack of this movie:
Isn't it wild?
Lisa Johnson said…
michelle - Yes, the saw music is pretty haunting. More other worldly than the movie even. The Saw Lady contacted me on Twitter when I tweeted about planning to watch the movie several months ago. She gave me links to the scene and another performance as well.

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