Baking Birthday Cake

Today is my brother's birthday! I usually bake the cake for my family's birthday dinners. Ever since I started baking this birthday cake, everyone who has ever had it, always requests it for the next time.

Even my my brother! He was the one person who used to let me mix things up a bit and be a bit more creative with my cakes. Now even he has requested it. I guess I can't really blame him. It is a good cake.

I tried a different method for frosting it this time though. Usually, I like to bake the cake fresh the morning of the big day. But there are usually mishaps with frosting the cake.

This time, after reading a blog post which I now cannot find, I baked the cake last night and froze the layers overnight. Then today I did a light frosting to seal the crumbs and put the cake in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Then I frosted the cake with the knife that I usually use to cut pies, since it looked like a bakers offset spatula. I have to say that this method worked pretty well. I'll do it again next time.

Happy Birthday little brother!

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Mizrepresent said…
Happy Beautiful Birthday! Love the cake!
Lisa Johnson said…
miz - Thank you! Nice to see you! I'll pass the wishes along to my brother. : )

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