Freshly Baked: A Food News Roundup

Photo courtesy of IHOP
Happy Saturday friends! Hopefully you're enjoying the weekend. I'm catching up on rest today and trying to fight a cold. Or the flu? I really don't know. But I was dragging all week.

Possibly I may try and get a flu shot today. Normally I don't get one, because the one time I did, I got the flu. From what I've heard though, it's all a myth that you can get the flu from the flu shot. Assuming I don't already have the flu, it might be good to get one.

All the news is kind of freaking me out! Being on the T everyday is probably not aiding my health in any way either. I will not even go into the stuff that I've seen. *sigh*

Anyway, enough flu talk. Let's move to some food talk! Freshly baked just for you is a short roundup of some food related news that maybe you can use. Here we go!

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~ Speaking of short, how would you like a free short stack of Buttermilk pancakes? Mark your calendars! Tuesday, February 5th, is National Pancake Day. Just arrive between 7am and 10pm to enjoy your free treat. While you're there, any donations to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals would be greatly appreciated. IHOP hopes to raise $3 million dollars as the first national fundraising campaign to kick off the 2013 fundraising year for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

~ Not looking for free food? Well, maybe you'd like some free baking classes? King Arthur Flour's Traveling Baking Demos winter tour kicks off soon with four weeks of Baking Across America before the end of March. Two two-hour demos are offered at each location: Perfect Pies & Savory Scones, and Baking with Yeast & Whole Grains. Demos are free, no registration, and attendees will leave with recipes, coupons, tips and tricks, and possibly a great prize! Look here to see if there will be a class near you.

~ Maybe you're already a whiz in the kitchen and you'd like to open your home and share your tasty fare with someone new. Are you planning a vacation and want to see how the locals eat at home? You could save money on eating out and feel more tuned in to your new locale. Meal Sharing is a Chicago/Berlin start-up website dedicated to collaborative consumption and home to a vibrant online community of travel-oriented, food-minded folks. Rapidly growing with 85 cities worldwide, founder Jay Savsani is most excited that Mealsharing "brings people together who value the real world experience of sharing a home cooked meal.“

~ Looking for something food related and different to watch next week? On Monday, January 14th, Byron Hurt's Soul Food Junkies will make its broadcast premiere on the PBS series Independent Lens. I'm looking forward to it!

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