Meet Your Match: A Matchbox Roundup

Photo: Pepperberry Tree Matchbox by Caspari
I use a ton of matches. I don't smoke, but when I meditate, I light scented candles and sometimes incense too. Plus as someone whose very much into birthdays, there are always birthday candles to be lit!

I prefer matchboxes to matchbooks. Matchbooks feel far too flimsy to be safe and I usually have to light a bunch before I can use one without burning my fingers. Plus, it seems like less of these smaller matches light than when using the sturdier matches in boxes.

However, matchbooks can be fun to collect. When I was a kid, it was always fun to see  the different designs and products that were on matchbook covers. To this day, I love getting matches from stores and restaurants. It's nice getting a free gift and it says something about the style and quality of an establishment. Especially if they encourage you to take as many as you like. I won't take ten, like I'd really like, but I will take three or four, depending upon how many they have.

Matchboxes are one of those little things in life that can make me inexplicably happy. A while back I ran out of the free ones that I was given, so I bought a bunch of plain ones while I was picking up groceries. They are extremely boring and starting to annoy me. I'm almost out of them and don't want to buy them again. A few days ago, I decided that since I haven't gotten any cool free matchboxes, maybe I should buy some that I really like.

Since I'm looking for some stylish matches, I thought that maybe some of you might be looking for some too. Personalized matches would make a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift. Customization shouldn't just be for weddings or anniversaries!

So below, I've rounded up some places where you can find stylish matches and a few DIY tips, if you'd like to decorate your own matchboxes.

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If you start with a plain white matchbox, then you can design from there. Style Me Pretty and in the Fun Lane have some great DIY tips.

Crème de la Crème has pretty pastel matchboxes. If you like to play cards, you might like their face card matchboxes too.

Caspari has so many matchboxes to choose from! They are all so pretty and would be perfect to mix and match. The Plum Blossom, Palm Beach, Lighthouse, Butterfly, and Pepperberry Tree are some of my favorites.

The Rain Collection has some beautiful matchbox choices as well.

These keepsake matchboxes look like one of a kind embellished mini jewelry boxes. 

You can find extra long matches in cute packaging or just plain too.

If you're going camping or in some sort of emergency situation, there are storm proof matches.

Party Block is an option for custom matchbooks and matchboxes.

Michaels offers custom favor matches as well. You can order books of matches or boxes.

For Your Party joins the party with custom matches too!

Last but not least, High Street Market has some super cute matchboxes. I really like the Dragonfly and Bicycles!

Not sure which ones I'll buy, but I'm glad that there are so many choices out there!

*Updated 12/12/12* Just found a recipe for matchstick cookies. They are so cute!

*Updated 12/29/12* I ended up getting the Dragonfly and Bicycle matches from High Street Market. They are much larger than I expected and so sturdy. Where I was using two or three matches before, so I wouldn't burn my fingers, I'm just using one now. I highly recommend!

*Updated 6/27/2013* If you want to go all out, I've found the most expensive set of matches I've ever seen.

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Can-Can said…
A former boyfriend used to collect matches from restaurants he'd eaten at. He dined in really fine places and some of the matchbook covers were so well designed. He kept them in a basket and people would look through them.
dmarks said…
Interesting. I probably have 10 or so matchbooks.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - That's a really good idea. It's a great conversation starter!

dmarks - There's a universal appeal about them it seems.

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