Strike Debt's Rolling Jubilee - All Debts Forgiven

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I've written a lot about debt on this blog. Especially student loan debt. My student loans are truly hellish. Many of us are in the same situation. Personal debt is such a huge problem in the United States that it is finally being acknowledged as being a drag on the national economy.

Yesterday, I watched this video above about what a group of people are doing to help their fellow Americans get rid of their debt. Strike Debt is an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street. The purpose is to raise money, buy debt for pennies on the dollar like many organizations due, but instead of going after the people who owe the money, when they purchase the debt, they forgive it. So they are randomly getting rid of debt.

Read more at the Rolling Jubilee website and this New York Times article. This is pretty incredible and will make a real difference in many lives. Imagine having all your debt wiped away in an instant? I certainly can. The sigh of relief would be huge.

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