Pie Day: Get Free Pie in Boston + Cambridge!

This past summer brought me back to baking pies. And to eating them. So, I was more than delighted to hear that tomorrow, Tuesday, November 13th, is Pie Day, courtesy of Community Servings!

Community Servings is an amazing local organization that delivers meals to people who are critically ill. Just by your reading this blog, you've helped me to support them with a small monthly donation.

For every $25.00, they feed a critically ill client for an entire week. Community Servings prepares and delivers a nutritious lunch, dinner and snack to individuals and families in 18 Massachusetts communities each year. Food is so important to feeling well, so their mission has a very special place in my heart.

Right now, Community Servings is having their annual Pie in the Sky Thanksgiving bake sale. Buy a pie and help support their mission. Do something sweet and get something sweet!

To celebrate the fundraiser, Community Servings is giving out free pies tomorrow in several different locations. Here's the information for times and locations below. Also check out their website.

Dewey Square, Boston: Get a free slice of pie and cup of coffee on your way to work!
8am - 9:40am

Prudential Center, Boston: Get a free slice of pie, a cup of coffee, and lots more!
11am - 2pm

Kendall Square + Central Square, Cambridge: Get a free slice of pie and a cup of hot apple cider!
4:30 pm - 6pm

Hopefully you can enjoy some free pie tomorrow and consider supporting this very worthy organization.

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Anonymous said…
What a nice event! I wondered why they weren't doing Pie Day on Pi Day (16 March; 3.16) but they're probably getting pies to people for Thanksgiving. That's really nice.
Lisa Johnson said…
campbele - That's what I first thought too, but it is for Thanksgiving. They ran out of pie, so I didn't get a free slice and now I'm craving pie!!

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