If you love food ~ A special preview of Audrey, a new series on WIGS

For many of us on the east coast, we're going to be stuck at home while waiting out Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully it won't be as bad as predicted.

Hopefully I, along with you, will be one of the lucky ones with some extra free time and access to the Internet. Then we can catch a new series on WIGS, which is YouTube’s #1 channel for scripted drama

The series is called Audrey and follows a “Carrie Bradshaw-like” character who is obsessed with food instead of Manolos. Think Sex and the City meets Julie and Julia.

Audrey launches tomorrow Monday, October 29 with new episodes posting Mondays and Fridays through November 16. But you can take a look now at this special preview of the show.

The series stars up-and-coming actress Kim Shaw who recently starred in How I Met Your Mother and She’s Out of my League. Audrey is just one of the many series on WIGS featuring powerful women both on and off camera and I'm looking forward to watching many of them.

By the way, Audrey, and the channel in general is definitely for adults only.

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Anonymous said…
I spend so little time on Youtube! I've never heard of WIGS before! I could definitely use a smart women's show and will have to check this out. Thanks for the post!
Lisa Johnson said…
campbele - It's pretty new to me too. I only knew about them, because they emailed me. Glad you liked the post!

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