Boston Food Swap

Today was my first time attending Boston Food Swap. I've been reading the blog and following them on Twitter. The picture above was the loot that I brought home. Thyme syrup, which I think I'll use in some lemonade or tea. Carrot ginger chutney, which might be good in a pasta dish. I love granola and got two kinds! Apple raisin and Rosemary maple syrup pumpkin. Such creative mixtures!

What did I swap for these? Spiced pumpkin white chocolate chip scones with cream cheese frosting.

I'm looking forward to trying everything and hope that people enjoy their scones. The swap happened pretty quickly, but I did learn some lessons for next time. Sturdier packaging would have been better. Also, some scones should have been left out for tasting. 

I had scones left over that weren't swapped. There were a few things that I would have liked to get, but since their makers didn't want to swap for my scones, I didn't get them.  *sigh*

Next time, I'll figure out the labeling and packaging way in advance. A very elaborate label was planned and worked on, but then it didn't print correctly and the whole project had to be abandoned at the last minute. Otherwise I would have never made it there.

Boston Food Swap was held at Space with a Soul, which is a nonprofit mission accelerator.  It's on Summer Street, not too far from South Station. It's a nice building and I really like the whole space sharing idea.

Have you ever participated in a food swap?

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The Duo Dishes said…
No, we've never done a swap before. We have done a food blogger charity bake sale a couple of times, but that's it. The swap is a lot of fun! Although it's a bit mean for someone to say no to your goods, at least you get to take home nice nibblets.
Lisa Johnson said…
tdd - It's set up like a silent auction, so it's not exactly in your face, but it is apparent who will or won't swap with you. I have to admit that my feelings did get a little hurt, but I'm happy for the nice people who did swap with me.

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