BBC World Have Your Say ~ Live Taping In Boston Friday, Nov. 2

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BBC World News invites you to attend a special live taping of BBC World Have Your Say in Boston. The program will be recording at the Old South meeting House in downtown Boston at 310 Washington Street (Washington and Milk).

The Old South Meeting House has served as a gathering place for discussion, celebration and a haven for free speech since the 1773 mass protest meetings that led to the Boston Tea Party.

The BBC is bringing together an audience from the region to discuss the topic, "Is America Working? Issues for discussion with the audience in Boston and around the world will include the economy, jobs, health care and education.

Audience participation is encouraged, so if you'd like to attend and ask a question or make a comment, please let Karnie Sharp know as soon as possible and she will reserve a space for you in the audience. They cannot guarantee they will speak to everyone who submits a question live on air.

They are also interested in hearing what are the most important issues are for you in this presidential election. The program lasts an hour and will be moderated by Ros Atkins.  It will be filmed in front of an audience of 400 people and you are invited to be one of them.

The recording will take place in the main room of the Old South Meeting House and begins at 7:45pm, Friday, November 2nd. But you must arrive by 7pm, so that you can take your seat.

The program will be broadcast live on BBC World News TV and be repeated four times over the following weekend. It will also be available on BBC World Service Radio and online on the BBC's website. Recording of the program should be done by 9pm at the latest.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Karnie Sharp, so that she can add your name to the list. Email her at There is still room available, but please email her as soon as possible and no later than Thursday morning. The limit is 400 people, so make sure you get a spot!

It's not often, or ever, that I get to attend a BBC event, so I'm looking forward to attending. Maybe I'll see you there!

*Updated 11/10/2012* The video of the show is finally up! Take a look here or watch below.

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