The Next Big Dessert Trend? A Macalato

Flickr photo by ZapTheDingbat
A vanilla macaron and a pistachio macaron. You would think that it couldn't get much better than that. Right? But, oh it can!

Last week I was watching Chronicle and saw a segment about Macaron Sweeterie in Lexington. Three places are featured and they are the last. You can skip forward to about 3.43 minutes on the video if you just want to see this one.

I cannot wait to go to this place! It appears that I'm not the only one. After the segment aired, they were swamped and ran out of macarons today.

Well, when I do find my way to this shop, I want to try several of their 18 flavors of macarons. You can also order them online for pickup. Sadly they don't ship them.

Most importantly, I want to try a macalato. Say what? A macalato. Two macaron shells filled with gelato. Could this sound more joyous??!!

Have a great weekend! Tonight, I hope I dream of macalatos...

*Updated 10/12/2015* Sadly, I have learned that Macaron Sweeterie has closed.

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