Happy Birthday To Me!

Flickr photo by shimelle

Here's hoping that today I get to have my cake and eat it too!

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Babz Rawls Ivy said…
Happy Birthday! Have lots of cake! You have permission! Besides today there are no calories in anything because it's your Birthday! HOORAY!
Nance said…
Best wishes for a happy birthday. I hope you spend it with those you love.
Terri said…
Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
I hope your day was as scrumptous as those cupcakes! Happiest of birthdays!
Esme said…
Very happy birthday to you. I hope you had many slices of cake.
Lisa Johnson said…
lovebabz - I ate ALOT of cake!

nance - The day had its problems, but being with loved ones made it good.

terri - Thank you!

campbele - Thanks!

esme - I ate one HUGE piece!
Good and plenty said…
Happy birthday. Celebrate the entire month. I am surrounded by Virgoes - not a bad thing at all (my husband, my son, my son's new girlfriend, etcetera).

Lisa Johnson said…
good + plenty - Thank you! I will! I think all birthday celebrations should be the entire month. Sounds like you got a good group there. : )

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