Friday Roundup

Today was not the day that I had planned it to be. But I guess it was the day that it was supposed to be.

A few things were accomplished, but sadly I never made it here, where I planned to get some fresh fruit and veggies or here, where I planned to browse. My cell phone is dying, so it complicated everything.

In keeping with my word for the year, I'll try and go with the flow and not lament the day that could have been. Maybe it's time for another roundup? It won't be as long as this one.

+ + + + + +

~ After seeing this post, instead of making a peach pie from this recipe for Labor Day, I made a crostata (aka "galette") which is basically a free form pie. It was so much easier, because you leave the skin on. But it was still really good! I used the same crust recipe, but increased the size by half, so there would be enough dough to roll over. I highly recommend it!

~Flavored butters! So many original flavors. I'd like to try a bunch!

~ This restaurant is on a farm and has a labyrinth! They host artist and writer workshops, team building sessions and restorative retreats. It would be fun to have something there.

~ Have you been to any of America's Best Bread Bakeries? It's quite a list. I haven't been to any of them yet. But this one is closest to me. I need to remedy this situation and make my way over there.

~ Cool picture of island farm remnants. Before the weather changes, I'd like to go to at least one of the Harbor Islands. Some libraries have discount passes for the ferry. The discount pass may not be worth it if you go on your own, but with at least one other person, you might save some money. 

~ Do you enjoy staying at home? I do. It's pretty comfy here and has basically all that I need. Here's an article about making your house into a home.

Have a great weekend!

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