Back To Law School ~ Part 2

Another Labor Day weekend has passed and we're in the thick of back-to-school season.

~ Take a look here for some grown-up back-to-school supplies.

~ These sandwiches may technically be for kids going back-to-school. But you still need to feed your inner child during law school. It's certainly not against the law for you to eat them! Believe me. You're going to need the energy during those long seminars. Take a look here for some more ideas to tame your hunger while in class.

~ If you're like me, you'll want to pack a dessert too. Try making a Strawberry Yogurt Cake, a Norwegian Apple Cake, these Spiced Rum Peach Mini Pies, the almost effortless Swedish Visiting Cake, or the to-die-for World Peace Cookies. Bring enough to share and you'll be star of the day!

Below, three more creatives with law degrees answer the question,“What advice would you give to a current law student going back to school?”
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Warren Brown, Founder/Owner, CakeLove

Law school exams were tough for me. It wasn't until I was studying for the bar exam that I understood what the professors were looking for. Take a good look at the bar review test booklets now, especially the essays. That's where you'll find great examples of how to write a law school exam essay.

Gretchen Rubin, Author, The Happiness Project
Rubin is currently making appearances around the United States speaking about her new book, Happier at Home.

Get enough sleep! Enough sleep makes everything easier and more pleasant.

Beatrice Greene, Author/Composer/Pianist/Educator
At the Boston Public Library on September 27th, Greene performs a one-woman show and will read the poetry, speech and letter excerpts of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper.

Endurance is what I believe is imperative. Develop a plan for exercise. Walking, running, find whatever form you like.

Don't get involved with difficult men or women as friends, lovers or partners. They will wittingly or unwittingly require attention that may take you off course. If you have relatives who you find challenging, talk to a counselor or call the Samaritans.

If you feel overwhelmed, drinking or drugs will only add more problems to your life. Once again speak to a mentor, counselor, spiritual leader or call the Samaritans.

Remember or develop a sense of ethics. It will take you far in life. Without it you may forget who you are.

A hobby can provide a diversion from the intensity. Music worked for me. Find something that helps you relax.

Remember there are many examples that lawyers are not that smart. Strategy and intelligence will of course help, but many have graduated from law school and passed the bar exam...politicians include examples of this.

Have or develop a sense of humor. Read the funnies everyday. If you are preparing to be a litigator or involved in any practice, it will not only help in school but for everything you do in your professional life, and in your personal life.

Remember that if you fail a test or even flunk out, there is something else you will find that you can do well. It is not the end of your world.

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Wise words indeed. If you missed Part 1 of the series, take a look here. Part 3 will be coming up soon!

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Tracy said…
Great food chat and life widsom... You serve up goodies here, Lisa--thank you! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - Thank you! Always a pleasure to see you here. Have a great week! : )

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