Subway Stories: The Watermelon Trio

As I left work last night and walked to the train, I noticed several new food trucks in Dewey Square, including Paris Creperie. I wanted to get a crepe, but it wasn't in my budget. The prices were more expensive than I expected. Maybe some other day.

So instead, I enjoyed some free music. At first I was so caught up with the food trucks, but then I heard beautiful singing and guitar. I turned around and saw this trio playing their interpretation of Cry Me A River. Ella Fitzgerald not Justin Timberlake.

The music sounded like Bossa Nova. I'm not sure, but it was slow and jazzy and perfect for a summer night. I listened to a couple of songs before their session ended. The woman said that the name of their group translated to The Watermelon Trio.

I looked for them online to find a link, but to no avail. Anyway, the music was a nice transition from work to the train. There's so much happening on the Greenway nowadays. I hope I get to hear them play again some day.

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