Friday, August 3, 2012

Seinfeld Food Truck: Boston

The Seinfeld Food Truck arrived in Boston today. It was hot and humid. In the 90's, but I took a break from my air conditioned office and headed over to check out the scene.

So many people! I caught a glimpse of Larry Thomas, in full uniform, but acting quite unlike the Soup Nazi and talking to reporters. He's in the top right picture below in the background.

The line for food was way too long. There was no way that I was waiting.

Although,it would have been nice to get a muffin top or a black and white cookie. But I was melting and had to get back to the office anyway. No soup for me!

In case you're wondering about the mural in the background, it's new and just arrived within the past couple of weeks. You can read more about it here. Pretty cool!

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Nance said...

What, no lobster bisque or Pez? LOL. What a hoot!

Lisa said...

nance - LOL! I forgot about the Pez! : )

Can-Can said...

I'm glad I didn't head down for the line but sorry that you didn't get anything. So close...and yet so far.

Lisa said...

can-can - That's the life of a food blogger. : )

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