Meatless Monday ~ Burrito Lasagna

Last week was an inspired week in the kitchen. As I mentioned in the strawberry yogurt cake post, lack of food shopping makes you get creative with the ingredients that you have.

I forgot what night I created this lasagna, but I had gotten home from work tired and wanted to see just how quickly I could put together something tasty.

A package of Barilla no boil lasagne had been sitting around for a while, so I decided that I'd fake a lasagna. I put 6 -8 of the pasta sheets in a pan filled with hot water and let them soak to soften up. After just a few minutes, maybe 10-15, I removed them and put them aside on a plate.

I didn't measure anything, so I'm estimating big time here. In a medium bowl I combined maybe 2 cups of spinach (thawed package of frozen spinach), 1/4  cup chopped garlic, about 1/2 cup corn, and a can of black beans (drained and rinsed with water). I might have added a bit of salt, pepper, and basil, but don't quite remember.

I poured some olive oil in a rectangle pan, then layered half the pasta on the bottom of the pan. I spread the spinach mixture all over the pasta. Then I cut up a few pieces of provolone cheese and put it on top of the spinach mixture. I put a generous amount of crumbled goat cheese on top of that. I placed the remaining noodles on top of the cheese covered spinach mixture.

Then I poured a can of crushed tomatoes over the top and made sure that the tomatoes covered the top and sunk to the bottom as well. I sprinkled grated parmesan and romano cheese over the top. The lasagna baked at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

This didn't take too long to put together and was something different. G said that it was like a burrito in a lasagna, so that's what I've called it. I really enjoyed it and we had it for lunch and dinner several times.

There's no meat in this dish, so it's a nice vegetarian meal to enjoy on a Meatless Monday, or any other day as well.

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SharleneT said…
Oh, wow, Lisa, this looks scrumptuous! What a great idea -- and, you know I'm going to do this in the solar oven; don't you... Takes care of everyone's likes. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
sharlene - Thank you!Tell me how it comes out!
Chris O said…
Lisa, this looks sooooo good! Your recipe couldn't be easier. Now where's my fork?!?
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - Thanks! LOL! You know that if you see a recipe here, it's easy!

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