The Massachusetts Bottle Bill: Moving To The House

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A few weeks ago, I wrote this post about the updated Bottle Bill in Massachusetts.

Well, there's good news! The Senate voted and  approved it. Now the legislation is making its way to the House.

However, there is still an uphill battle. I just called my Quincy Representative's office and left a message stating that I support the Updated Bottle Bill and hope that he will sign the House Letter in support of it.

Time is running out. The legislative session ends on July 31st, so we need to act now.

Contact your House Representative and let them know how you feel, so that House Speaker DeLeo can see how important this is to Massachusetts residents.

MASSPIRG is holding a press conference at 11am today in front of the Statehouse to raise awareness. Hopefully many members of the House will attend. The public is invited as well.

Let's get this Bill passed!

*Updated 8/1/12*  Sadly the Bill did not pass.

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