A Sweet Summer

Looking to free your inner nine year old girl for a little bit? Walking into Sweet took me back to that time.

The interior is absolutely gorgeous. Pink and feminine and all the things that anyone who was or is a girly girl has ever dreamed of. If you look at this picture of me from back in the day, then you can imagine how my eyes lit up when I walked in.

As I was standing at the counter with a couple of co-workers admiring the cupcakes, an actual little girl ran in the door yelling that she wanted to go in. Her mother swiftly grabbed her by the arm, pulled her back out saying, "We can't go in there now!"

I felt her pain and was glad for my adult status, because nobody was coming between me and my cupcake order.

For a CupcakeCamp meeting, I'd visited Sweet's Harvard Square location, but just recently learned that they are located Downtown as well. It's not too far of a walk from the Financial District up to School Street.

Sweet is featuring new summer flavors, which might lure you in for a taste. You could give them as a gift to bring to someone or have some delivered. On one of my projects, as a thank you, our supervisors ordered Sweet's cupcakes for us. It was a nice surprise and a treat!

Two of the summer cupcakes contain New England's own Carlisle Honey: Honey Lemon and Honey Nectarine. There are also Lemon, Lemon Blueberry, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Shortcake and many more new summer flavors as well as their standards like Red Velvet and Organic Karat.

Our trip was one of my co-workers first experience with the gourmet cupcake scene. She enjoyed the lemon blueberry and noted that the crumb was just right. Plus, she loved the decor. My other co-worker had the peach cobbler. She enjoyed it too, but wished that there had been a bit more peach.

When I got home, I had the strawberry shortcake. I was surprised how well the whipped cream held up, considering how hot it was and that I didn't eat it until a few hours later. It was quite good!

For those of you who have dogs, take note of these Pupcakes, which are made of applesauce and oatmeal. Great idea!

So if you're in downtown Boston, Sweet is a nice place to stop for some cupcakes. We were glad that we did!


Disclaimer: Complimentary cupcakes provided by Sweet and The Moxie Agency. Thank you!

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El said…
Looks adorable. Thanks for the tip!
Tracy said…
Oh, WOW... wow... That is my kind of bakery! I want that pink seating arrangement! ;o) LOL... But the food sounds might good at Sweet. And pupcakes... LOVE that! This was some fun--thanks for taking us along, Lisa! Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))
Nance said…
But SO much frosting! Wasn't it awfully cloying and sweet? I don't know if I could stand that ratio of frosting to cake.

It IS a pretty place, though.
Lisa Johnson said…
el - You're welcome!

tracy - The pupcakes must be a big seller. I would totally buy them if I had a dog! Have a great weekend!
: )

nance - In my 20's, when my weight was not an issue, I was known to eat frosting straight from a can. So no, there was not too much frosting for me. : )
Can-Can said…
Mmmm-cupcakes. One day there'll be a good cupcake bakery in Dorchester and in Roxbury. On the other hand, then I'll be too tempted all the time.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can- They are popping up everywhere! Interesting about Dorchester and Roxbury. I know they have bakeries, but one specializing in cupcakes. Hmmmm. I don't know. I would think at least one of them would have one. I guess I need to do some detective work. : )

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