Subway Stories: Ironic

Coming home from work last night, I was lucky enough to get a seat on the train after a couple of stops.

So I'm enjoying my book, when a normal looking woman gets on and sits right next to me. *sigh*

I have to maneuver in my seat a little to try and get comfortable again. But it is the train. How comfortable can I really expect to be?

Then I realized that she smells really badly. Not like she never showers or anything, but like her deodorant may have failed her at some point during the day.

Anyway, my sharp sense of smell is great for the kitchen, but a nightmare on the T. I start coughing. First just a little. I thought I could clear my throat, but she smells really badly and my cough gets a bit more animated until I cannot stop.

If had been sitting next to me, I'd be a bit put off too. So this woman, who is the source of my coughing, must be very wary of my germs, so she gets up and sits in another seat. Far away from me.

My cough immediately stopped and all was well. I'm sure she didn't have a clue.

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Good and plenty said…
That is so funny. She smelled but moved away from you because you coughed. One of the early posts I shared on my blog was about Public Transportation. A guy who read it, linked to his blog - something like "heard on the bus." You checkit out if you can.
Having a keen sense of smell can work against you.
I once sat next to a man who hadn't showered in months if not years. I couldn't take it and moved away and then into the next car when the train reached the next stop. He actually had half of the car to himself. I prayed for him.
Lisa Johnson said…
good + plenty - I've seen people like that too, but I definitely got up and moved away. That website sounds familiar. So many stories on public transportation!

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