4th of July Blueberry Pie: Part Two

The pie crust was so easy to make and roll out! Even though I just have a mini-prep food processor, it was still pretty quick.

Since I was making a double crust, I just made it in two batches. Although I'm still pining away for one of these. Or this. There would have been far less mess.

But it really comes down to the finished product. I'm feeling pretty proud of the crust. It looks so pretty! And the blueberry mixture tasted pretty good.

The pie is almost finished baking and I wish I could share with you how incredible it smells in here. Stay tuned for the finished pie!

Also see: Part 1 and Part 3.

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Esme said…
Lisa, that pie looks great-both the blueberries and the crust. Blueberry pie is one of my favourites.
Lisa Johnson said…
esme - Thanks! : )

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