Six Years

Last week was exhausting. Usually I have a special post planned for this blog's anniversary, but it's not happening this year.

Like last year, I wanted to choose a new word as this year's theme. But none seemed right. Maybe it means that this blog's sixth year is going to be about acceptance. That could be the word by default. Is that giving up or letting go? I guess this year I'll ponder the meaning.

Either way, this blog turned six today! Yay blog! : )

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dmarks said…
Happy Blogiversary!

Ponder acceptance.... just beware of the word at its most negative end, which comes across as something like "resignation".

In any case, "acceptance" is not a word I would apply to, say, Rosa Parks or Mother Teresa.

I guess I am thinking of the word in terms of "giving up" rather than "ietting go'.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - You've been a supporter of this blog from waaaay back in the early days. Thank you! : ) As I was thinking about the meaning, I realized that acceptance is more of a multifaceted word than I initially realized. Like offer and acceptance as part of the requirements of a contract. Funny how that happens! I guess the way the word popped into my head as I was writing the post, meant that it was meant to be my word all along and I had to just notice it.

And I like the example of Mother Theresa and Rosa Parks. Two of my favorite people. As I was looking into meanings of the word, I saw a transformative aspect about it. Great change first requires acceptance. Both these women had to accept the reality of the world around them before they could decide to take a stand or take a seat.
Nance said…
Happy Blogiversary! You were one of my own blog's earliest supporters almost 7 years ago, and actually planted the seed for the idea of a separate blog for my Brian Williams Tie Report. What an inspiration you are! Think of the many things that have happened through the years to us both. Acceptance doesn't have to be a bad thing: It can mean recognizing change and meeting challenges. We both know you are terrific at that.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - Thank you! How time flies! To be associated with the creation of the Brian Williams Tie Report is a beautiful thing. : ) Acceptance has so many different nuances to it. It just may be the best blog word yet!

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