Pringles Tournament of Flavors

Whether you're a college basketball fan or not, there's another game happening right now that you might want to check out.  
Pringles presents the Tournament of Flavors -- a video bracket-style contest on Pringles' Facebook Page, where fan-submitted videos showcase a humorous spin on Pringles' flavors for their chance to win a cash prize. The Pringles Tournament features 16 total videos, 8 Flavors (2 of the same flavors go head-to-head in the first rounds), and 4 Voting Rounds. 
Vote for your favorite videos and you can win prizes along the way until the winner is chosen. Round 2 is happening right now. Pringles Multigrain video is hilarious! See Cheese Snobs below.

Also take a look at the video using Pringles' cans as drums. Pretty cool! If you're on Twitter, use #TournamnetofFlavors to tweet about your favorite videos.

Enjoy the fun!

Disclosure: Pringles will be making a donation to my team's fundraiser for All Aboard The Arc! Thank you!

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