The Best Advice I Ever Got: Gather The Good Things

I just finished reading Katie Couric's book The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives. It was so inspiring! I borrowed it from the library, but it's really the type of book that you want to own. One that you'll refer to over time when you need a lift. I might just have to buy it when it comes out in paperback!

It would make a great gift for a young woman, or anyone really, getting ready to embark on something new. Hearing how others have overcome difficulties always encourages me when things are looking rather grim.

The book compiles advice from many well-known people. I'm a huge fan of Martha Stewart and just recently subscribed to her magazine Whole Living. I'm really enjoying it too.
Her contribution to the book was one of the shortest, but one that resonates with me in every way. Martha says to gather the good things.

"So the pie isn't perfect? Cut it into wedges. When faced with a challenge, evaluate or assess the situation, gather the good things in sight, abandon the bad, clear your mind, and move on. Focus on the positive. Stay in control, and never panic."

Great advice!


I've gathered another good thing to share with you. Food for your ears!

Have you heard of Kojo Nnamdi? I just recently found his radio show online while looking through a directory of shows on WAMU 88.5, American University Radio in Washington D.C.; another great NPR station by the way.

He talks with all sorts of interesting people about many topics and has the most wonderful lilt to his smooth as butter voice. And even better, he loves talking about food. Every Wednesday, his show is devoted to food.  I've been catching up listening to the archived food shows online and enjoying every minute! Below are links to a few of them. Hopefully you'll get a chance to listen.

Keeping Kosher in Washington
Juicing: Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, and More
Growing New Farmers
'Say Cheese!': Food Photography
Behind The Restaurant Hype 

Happy weekend to you!

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Nance said…
I agree: this is good advice.

Often, it's all about perspective and/or affirmation. Life is lumpy, that's for sure, but rare is the day that goes by when you cannot find at least one good or happy moment, occurrence, or benefit. I'm the last person in the world to be a Pollyanna, but at the age of Almost 53, hell be damned sure I'm not going to spend one more day on this earth without enjoying it, at least a little bit. I remember to be grateful every day; I'm fortunate in that it's not difficult for me to do.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - It's funny how we make choices about how we decide to "be" as we get older. We have to decide to find the joy and appreciate what we have. The people who face extreme adversity and still find joy are the ones that inspire us all.

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