Some movies

This picture has nothing to do with anything. But last week was so warm that I was inspired to walk around with my camera taking pictures. I like the lights on the trees...

Also, G and I watched some interesting movies on DVD recently. Since some of you seem to like the suggestions, I thought I'd do another list.  I found these all in the library. You can't beat free movies! We both enjoyed all of them, which is always a challenge.

Pollock If you like his art, check this out.
Please Give
Pieces of April
Left Luggage
Happy Go Lucky

Have a great week everyone!

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Chris O said…
I love this photo! It seems that more and more places are using those tiny winky lights all year round. I like the effect it gives wherever they're used. Thanks for the list of movies, I will be checking them out, hopefully at my own library.
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - Thanks! I've noticed the lights around more too. I love them. So festive! Enjoy the movies! : )

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