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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dinner Club: Bobby Flay

This post is why you should never put off something for six months that you can do today. Otherwise you will get the lamest dinner club post ever. *sigh*

Bobby Flay was our celebrity chef back in September. Because the dinner was so long ago, I don't have all the recipes from the meal.

To be honest though, a few of the dishes weren't quite in keeping with the theme, so it was not the most organized of dinners. But it was tasty.

We had his Southwestern Potato Salad, which was excellent.

I made his Throwdown Blondies for dessert. They are really good and I want to make them again. But I think I need a different brownie pan. My brownies never solidify. I mean ever. So the taste is amazing, but they are squishy in the middle and not fit for public consumption.

They look nice in the picture though, so let's just go with that. My next dinner club post will be soon and much more organized. I promise!

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