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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Vintage Michael Jordan Wrapping Paper

Back in the 80's, I bought this Michael Jordan wrapping paper. The plan was that in the future, it would be worth lots of money and I'd sell it.

Well, the future is now. For the new year, I'm getting rid of stuff that I've been keeping for way too long. How long can I really hang on to this? It's still in the original plastic wrap and there are two sheets of paper. If anyone would like to start a bidding war, be my guest.

Would anyone like to buy this lovely vintage paper? I'll ship it anywhere in the world. Otherwise it gets donated to Goodwill with some other stuff. Very soon.

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dmarks said...

Interesting post. I have lots of stuff that I got thinking it might be collectible, but it was not.

I can't imagine the wrapping paper of His Airness would be worth a lot, since he was a sort of critical-mass celebrity, where everything like that was mass produced.

Lisa said...

dmarks - Happy New Year! I think you're right. I did search online and found that over the years, a few people had been looking for this wrapping paper, but there were others who had some too. I haven't heard from anyone, but figured I'd try, because you just never know sometimes.

Anonymous said...

and what would you like to get for the wrapping paper?

Lisa said...

anonymous - Not a lot. I have no delusions of paying off my student loans with this! : ) If I could get the shipping costs plus a bit more, I'd be happy.

Can-Can said...

A friend's sister is/was a Michael Jordan fiend. I'll send you her info off-line. She might go for it.

Lisa said...

can-can - Thanks! : )

Loren King said...

I literally picked up the red version at a local Salvation Army today. I've seen it for sale on eBay for around $5.

Lisa said...

loren - Welcome! I saw it on eBay too and figured that my fortune would not be made this way. I ended up giving it away to Goodwill. At a certain point, I just need to get junk out of the house. Maybe it will come back to me in good Karma instead of money. : )

Anonymous said...

Is this wrapping paper still for sale?

Lisa Johnson said...

anonymous - No. I gave it to Goodwill soon after. Nobody seemed interested.

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