Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Afternoon Tea At The Boston Public Library

Last Friday, I took some time to do something special for the new year with two other Boston area ladies who love food and trying new places just as much as I do. Audrey of Boston Foodie Tours, who I first met on the Bertolli Tour and Robin of Doves and Figs, who I just met for the first time.

So what did we do? We had afternoon tea at The Courtyard Restaurant in the Boston Public Library. It was great and I highly recommend it to everyone!The premises are just lovely. As one might expect at the BPL, which is known for its stunning architecture.

We had a selection of loose teas, sandwiches, scones, and small tartlets.Take a look at the menu for yourself. The price is pretty reasonable at $22.50 per person. This isn't something that most Americans would do every week. Well, maybe some might. It would actually be quite fun. But most of us have afternoon or High Tea for a special occasion like a birthday or to celebrate an event.

Even if you wanted to go every day, you couldn't, because the tea menu is only offered Wednesday through Friday, from 2-4pm. However, there is a lunch menu available Monday through Friday, from 11:30am - 2:30pm. I'll have to go back and try that too!

A few years ago, some friends and I had tea for my birthday. It might have been at The Four Seasons, but I don't quite remember. Anyway it was at a very elegant hotel and I knew that I wanted to do it again and try tea at different places in Boston. London would be great too! Maybe I'll make it to Harrods one day.

For now, Boston is quite nice. A few years ago, I enjoyed reading a blog called The Boston Teacup, where you could find out about places offering afternoon tea in the Boston area. And there are many nice hotels that offer the meal.  I was so sad when the writers decided to stop updating it.

But when a door closes a window opens! Recently I found a new blog called Tea Pages, which provides information about all things tea and is based in the Boston area as well. So we have another tea resource at our fingertips!


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Esme said...

This sounds like so much fun. I am a huge fan of tea. Too bad we are not in the same season.

Lisa said...

esme - I'm definitely going back! You have to visit Boston so we can hang out! : )

SE'LAH... said...

i so admire that you get to enjoy these wonderful events around the city. i had no clue the library had afternoon tea.

happy new year, my dear! love the sunny header ;)

Lisa said...

se'lah - We only live once, so might as well enjoy myself! It's a wonderful tea and I really want to go back for lunch too. Happy New Year to you my friend and glad you like the new look. : )

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