Shopping Last Minute? Give Gifts Of Experience.

What makes us happy? According to many things that I've read, it's experiences that makes us most happy.

So if you want to give a gift that will truly make someone happy, give them an experience gift.What's an experience gift?

A gift where the person receiving it, in all senses of the word, gets to enjoy the present. They will look forward to the fun that they will have, have fun actually taking part in the experience, then hopefully have some wonderful memories of the experience that they can share with others.

You can also give the gift of your company and time and take part in the activity with them, so it becomes a shared experience. So if you want to give an experience gift, here are a few ideas.

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1. Get crafting. I took a sewing course at Stitch House. It was fun and I left with a finished piece!

2. Sharpen your cooking and baking skills. I teach baking classes at Brookline Adult & Community Education. Several students said that they were given the course as a gift and they had a great time.

3. Go on a food tour. Most everyone loves food. I met Audrey on a food tour of the North End. Now she gives Boston Foodie Tours

4. See a film festival. I'm always interested in seeing different types of movies. Going to a film festival is a great way to do it. Film festivals are popping up all over the place, so whether you're in Massachusetts or not, it should be easy to find one near you.

5. Visit a museum. Museums often have film festivals, interesting discussions, unique  events, great restaurants, and art. Getting someone an annual membership as a gift not only supports a local cultural organization, but lets them get discounts and free passes to many of the events taking place. 

These are just a few gifts of experiences. Have you ever received one or have more to suggest?

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christina said…
each time i come here, i am sorry we didn't meet, while i lived in state. ; ) maybe i can come back sometimes and we can make it a girls weekend, invite some other bloggers in the area. i would love to do some of the things, you mention here.

Merry Christmas, my dear friend.
Lisa Johnson said…
christina - I feel the exact same way about you! That sounds awesome. We could put together a weekend retreat of sorts. We'll have to talk about this some more. Love this idea! Merry Christmas to you sweet friend! : )
Josephine said…
Lisa - I would be thrilled with any of these gifts! I totally agree that "experience" gifts can sometimes be better than material gifts.
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - Thanks my friend! Hopefully we'll get a chance to get together and do something fun like this again!

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