One Thousand Blog Posts

A few weeks ago, I noticed the leaves piling up on the ground and also that I had written 990 posts. The plan was to do something special to mark the milestone of reaching 1,000 posts.

Well, life is busy. Before I knew it, I was at 999. I kept thinking that this next post had to be super awesome and maybe I'd bake something special for it. Blah, blah, blah.

It didn't happen. Then I wasn't posting anything because it wasn't special enough to be post 1,000. I realized that I was making too much out of it and just needed to get past it. So this is me getting past it.

1,000 posts! Yay!

Thank you for being here and for reading! : )

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Anonymous said…
OMG! 1,000 posts. That's quite an accomplishment Anali!! Your posts are always so enjoyable and often uplifting as well. Like you I don't post nearly as often as I used to lately only because there hasn't been much post-worthy going on in my life. What a milestone! Congratulations! Now onto the next 1,000!!!
Nance said…
Isn't it funny what we do to ourselves? Congrats. I guess you've taught yourself the lesson that any day can be special and Life is what we make it when we make it so.
Congratulations Anali on reaching this milestone. I still remember when we met over mushrooms in San Francisco!
SharleneT said…
I'm glad you got past it, too! You certainly don't need to add extra pressure on yourself during the holidays... Congratulations on a remarkable journey. Look forward to many more posts>
Lisa Johnson said…
anonymous - I have the feeling that I know you and your name just isn't appearing here. If not, well you feel like a friend anyway! Thank you!

nance - You're so right! Everyday brings new lessons it seems. Thanks!

bellini - I remember our mushroom meeting as well! Hopefully we'll see each other again at another fun food event soon! By the way, your burnt toast logo is so cute.

sharlene - I don't know why I do that to myself! Thanks for the sweet words and Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Can-Can said…
Congrats on the milestone - shwos commitment and that you have an active and rich life full of things to share.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Thank you! And thank you for always supporting me here. I really appreciate it. : )

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