Friday, November 4, 2011


Meet the Fridgecouch! A new couch, made out of an old fridge. How's that for taking comfort, recycling, and innovation to another level?

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alessandra said...

I find it absolutely cool! no pun intended ;)

SharleneT said...

Love the ingenuity!

Lisa said...

alessandra - Punny nevertheless! : )

sharlene - Me too! So many great ideas out there!

Good and plenty said...

Wow. That's quite something. It looks quite snazzy.

Lisa said...

good + plenty - I thought it was the neatest thing too. : )

The Duo Dishes said...

Errrr. At least it makes Superbowl watching super easy. No need to get up for another beer! No need to tuck yourself into bed either. :)

Lisa said...

the duo dishes - It's got it all! ; )

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