Made In USA: For The Kitchen

It started simply enough. I needed a new kitchen strainer. Nothing too exciting or extravagant. Just necessary. It's cold and soup season is here.
Photo via Fante's

While picking up groceries in Stop & Shop, I looked for a strainer, but none that I saw were made in America.

I looked online too, but the strainer at Crate & Barrel wasn't made here either. It's one of my favorites stores, so I was rather disappointed.

But as I've mentioned here before, I believe it's very important to make an effort to notice where products are made. That's the only way to make sure that at least some products that I buy are made in the United States. Hopefully retailers will notice and start selling more products made here. The more manufacturing here, the more jobs we keep and grow here. I'm just one person, but can do my part too.

So I set out to find a strainer made in the United States. It wasn't too difficult after a  Google search for a strainer made in USA. I ended up on the Fante's website and made my purchase. The price was much cheaper than the one made in China sold at Crate & Barrel. It would be nice if Crate & Barrel decided to carry this strainer too, which is made by American Housewares in the Bronx, New York.

A great way to find products made in America, assuming you're in the United States, is by shopping at local handmade markets. Usually the maker is the one selling the items, so you get a chance to meet the artist and help not only the American economy, but your own local economy too.

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安妮貓 said…
We are like you, too!!! We try very hard to stay away from Made in China. Thank you for finding the Fante website. We will check it out from now on!
Lisa Johnson said…
Thanks for the visit and the comment! My focus isn't just about what was or wasn't made in China though. While that is an issue, because so much of what is sold here is made in China, it's other countries too.

At the very least, in the USA, we should be able to find a greater variety of goods that were made here. If we can only find goods that were made in Canada, or Italy, or Mexico, or India, that's not helping here and it's contributing in a big way to the problems with our economy and lack of jobs. We need to be able to buy things made here too. I'm not against buying any goods made other places. There just needs to be a greater balance. Right now, the imbalance is huge.

Fantes is a good website. They shipped my strainer really fast and my new strainer looks great! I haven't had a chance to use it yet though. : )
Anonymous said…
I have had great luck with But I'm on the hunt for a fine mesh sieve.
Lisa Johnson said…
anonymous - They do seem to be a good resource. Thanks for that and good luck finding the sieve!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the post about kitchen wares made in the USA! Exactly what I was looking for. :-)
Lisa Johnson said…
anonymous - You're welcome! Glad it was helpful! : )

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